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The Flood of Zeeland on Medals, by Sjaak Jasperse

Craftsman Sjaak Jasperse from Terneuzen has made special floods medals in recent years. Sjaak Jasperse, born in September 1953 in Sint-Maartensdijk, has depicted the disaster in 38 penny objects in a contemporary way. All exhibited tokens are creative representations of the stories he heard over the years about the flood of 1953; from his father, from his mother; touring through the landscape of Tholen.

 There is also a catalog
 available that includes all
 medals from the exhibition.

 This is for sale in our webshop
 and in the museum shop.


The exhibition can be seen in the Watersnoodmuseum from 31 May to 31 December 2018.


The Watersnoodmuseum in Ouwerkerk at Zeeland.

In this 4 caissons are builded the museum.

There is a lot of stuf from the flood.

About the flood.

SJAAK JASPERSE on 31 may 2018

Sjaak Jasperse speaks to the visiters.

Kees Slager is a famous man,
he has writh a big book about Tholen
(a part of Zeeland).

Sjaak Jasperse speaks with the major  of Tholen,
Ger van de Velde-de Wilde.

The director Siemco Louwerse speaks to the public.


Sjaak Jasperse receives the first book.

Jacqueline van Burg, alderman of Schouwe-Duiveland
receives the second copy.

Arnold Nieuwendam the tirth,
he has wrote the text.


Jacqueline van Burg speaks to the visiters.

. . . . . . with a great sense of humor.. .

Arnold Nieuwendam, talks about Medal Art and Sjaak Jasperse.

The audience listens carefully.

A moment before the opening.

Director Siemco Louwerse gives the scissors
to Jacqueline van Burg.

Jacqueline van Burg and Sjaak Jasperse
cut the ribbon together

There are a lot of people.

The meastro himself.

As a final act a signing session.

Sjaak in conversation.

The Watersnoodmuseum is particularly beautiful.


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