Sjaak Jasperse has a fascination for steel and as a medallist is he autodidact. As art smith he became skilled in making larger pieces such as the masterpiece crown, ball and sceptre and his more recently created collar buttons. From 2007 Jasperse has created with a thirtyfold medal- and medal objects a unique oeuvre. Read below more. . .
For the young Jasperse forging the crown, ball and sceptre in non-ferrous metals was a challenge. Sometimes they are taken out and flaunted on Kings day. For his son Gerard he has recently made an outfit from Zealand, collar buttons from damask steel, a hard and tough type of metal. In some parts of Zealand (a province of the Netherlands) the tradition to wear regional costumes with all the accessories is kept intact. The women are famous for their gold earrings, the men for their matching clothes as well as their collar and trouser buttons. Both are beautifully decorated. At the moment the master-welder is working on a new series of designs.

Jasperse signs his work with C.I.J. 

Sjaak Jasperse in the smithy.


Smithy Sint Annaland.


As a master in welded given he for years lessons on school. Beside his lessons created he medals. His work is selected for the Art-Medal World Congress & International exhibition of contemporary medals
FIDEM XXXIV 10/11 September  2016  Gent, Belgium.

He has helping Paul Huybrechts with his medalsculptures.


(foto Mo)

His work was selected for the internationale FIDEM exhibition in Gent from 9 t/m 12 september 2016. On the FIDEM exhibition are two of Jasperses medals: Tubler and Globe.

Tumbler, lxhxb, 115 x 85 x 47 mm,
Cu-Zn koper en zink

Globe, Copper ore, malachite ball
in copper container, 81 x 1,5 mm

Vitrine in Gent


As art smith Jasperse welds his creation autogeneously; spare parts are soldered together with an alloy of silver. There are also medals riveted together with copper rivets. Portraits and abstract objects alternate. He does not call himself an artist and admires established medallists, whom he has gradually come to know. Because of his open-mindedness and inventiveness he has indulged in liberties. As a result his creations attained the same artistic level of the work of contemporary medallists. His work can be called original, due partly to his different perspective and the shapes he uses. Most pieces can be placed with experimental and conceptual art. Sometimes Jasperse does consider material-technical aspects when chasing. While silversmiths are skilled in fine ornamental work, Jasperse is with mini-objects. For the Centre of Vocational Training he put together a study book in which all metal techniques are described.

With his dripping and welding technique he added a new road to the one that already existed. Whether there will be other medallists in the future who will dare to apply this difficult technique remains to be seen. In the Netherlands and abroad Jasperse is practically unknown, although I wrote small a introduction for the Muntkoerier in 2015 presenting his first pieces. Now that he will be teaching less in the future, there will be more time to make medals, according to the designer. Sculptors, medallists, designers, ceramists, cineasts, silvery smiths and graphic designers are already making medals, now a man of steel is added to the list.

You can found Art en photos of Jasperse in
Zeeuwse bibliotheek / Beeldbank, and many private collections in NL and abroad. Thers are also medal-objects in Teylers Museum Haarlem and British Museum te Londen.

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