Medals and medal-objects in different sizes an materials
Below, you can see an little part of his portrait medals

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Nr 1 Vz. Ode to the doctor. 
Sjaak Jasperse.

Square 123x 123mm, Height 12 mm. Stainless steel hinge and secured with brass screws M3.

Brass edges square 6mm, with brass plate as lid.Other side is a copper plate,
right content:Capitol logo: 67 x 17 tapered to 8mmEsculaap: 49 x 3.5 tapered to 1.8mm

Booklet: 36 x 21 x 6mm high (0,4mm plate)EBT logo: 30 x 21 x 0,8mm (Cu-CuZn and RVS)
Left side: Head in brass wire and welded in silver solder.Around 111.5mm. Chipped with letters 6.0mm.






Nr 1 Obv. Florence Nightegale,
brass 90 mm and brass wire
  of 2 mm, silver solder x 4.5 mm
. 2017. Sjaak Jasperse.

Nr 2. Obv. Florence Nightegale, brass 90 x 18mm and brass
wire of 2 mm, silver solder x 4.5 mm. Her 'sister cap' as
edge, is of thin copper plate 0.8 mm. 2017
. Sjaak Jasperse.





Dr. J.A. Jasperse, brass plate, 110 mm and 3.5 mm thick.
On this, a 90 mm round copper plate 0.8 mm thick.
The portrait is a silver-plated copper plate 0.8 mm thick.
2017. Sjaak Jasperse.

Dr. J.A. Jasperse. Titanium plate 85 mm and 3 mm thick.
Confirming a copper leaf, brass shark teeth,
Copper booklet and brass grate with this
Thin stainless steel wire.
Total dimensions around 110 mm, thickness 14 mm.





Marie de Man, 139 x 109 x 41mm, brass / silber portrait
103 x 68 x 9.5mm Chrome-nickel steel 304L 3 mm dick,
Chrome-Nickel steel 304L 3 mm thick

5 coins. 2 Zeeuwse duiten 22mm, 1 slice of vintage
20.5 x 0.8mm, Zeeland lion 47 x 45 (48 x 24 mm)
Stainless steel with brass and silver soldered, sheet thickness
0.8mm. Text t WIER TIED K. 
Unter the name: MARIE de MAN.

Twisted fragment 64 x 28 brass wire (2mm), including one
Silver zealander or punch 22mm plus a smaller bronze
Coin from the Roman Empire 15mm.
Confirmation by means of Rivets and solder connections.


Marie de Man, Side view as a coin box, 2017.





Selfportrait Sjaak Jasperse
Background is a round plate of brass - 93mm.
On top of it dropped copper and dropped silver.
The profile is made of brass wire and soldered
on it with silver.

Total thickness of the object is rised to 14mm.

Reserve is coloured by a flame.
On top of it 4 objects which are attached by blind
copper rivets.
Left: welder soldertechnique (copper).
Above and right: forged decoration (brass).
Middle and below: hammer and anvil (copper).





Felice, brass with silver welded, 90 mm






Gerard,  brass and silver, 90 mm

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